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Room Rental Management Service

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Real Estate Advisory Investment

Partition rooms help owner maximize floor space as well as increase monthly rental profit by renting out more room

Interior Design

First impression count. Tenants are willing to pay extra for a property that feels high-quality, spacious and functional


Home renovations greatly improve quality of life. An up to date interior are key to win in the property market

Cleaning Services

Having a clean premises are vital in attracting tenant by making them feel pleasant and comfortable to stay in

Marketing & Sales

Save cost and time. We helps owner rent out property 2X faster compare to traditional marketing strategy

Tenant Management

Prevention is better than cure. Effective tenant screening procedures in place to filter out undesirable tenants

Monthly Rental Collection

Struggle dealing with tenant who do not make payment on time, especially they are repeat offenders? No worries, we are ready to help

Paper work

Document everything. Including agreement, renewals, financial report and more. Both electronic and hard copy easily accessible when needed.

Repairs & Maintenance

Hassle free. Without any doubt, toilet clogs, pipes burst, leaking happen occasionally. Our 24/7 experienced maintenance team handles so you don't have to