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As a Landlord, you are no stranger to taking on many responsibilities at once. In reality, you might already know that if you do not handle them properly, you could find yourself stressed out, facing financial trouble and in the worst might need to deal with a lawsuit. However, do you know what caused the issue to happen?

Ambiguous agreement. It’s important to avoid ambiguity when drafting a contract. This will make it easier to negotiate the contract terms and avoid lengthy and costly legal disputes. 

We know finding a good tenant is never an easy job for a landlord. To prevent terrible tenants, one of the best ways is to have a well-written tenancy agreement which is a legal covenant between landlord and tenant. However, what makes us unique? Our one-stop services and smart systems that make tenant fulfil their responsibility all the time.

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All in one property management services with practical solutions covered for your property

Pre Management

Are renovations necessary? Clients always ask. After spending many years renting out your property, it is most likely that some parts are broken and need renovation such as cracked wall, piping issue etc. Through renovation can help Landlords to add property value as well as improving its appeal and appearance to attract best and quality tenants.

During Management

We provide full marketing services to you increase the exposure of investment property to the public. After selecting a quality tenant, we will take care of the room viewing, manage financial bills, provide cleaning services as well as routinely checking up on your property to make sure it is always in good condition.

Post Management

Our room rental management team also handles rental agreements, rent collection, move-in and move-out processing, and evictions when necessary. Most importantly, we provide 24-hour emergency service for repairs that need to be taken care of immediately. Now you can have the peace of mind and not worry!

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