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Space Creator FAQ

At Space Creator, we offer our expertise and personalized techniques to manage your property. You can be sure to expect the very best management solutions, we will make every effort to earn your trust. If you lack the time or expertise needed to manage your property day-to-day, no worries! We’ve got you covered from advertising, filtering quality tenants, administrative and maintenance. Our all in one service can help you make a big difference in your investment success. There is no better choice for your investment and peace of mind.

Our services will be quoted based on your needs, we will customize the offer for you once we know what you actually need! Contact us now and we will arrange an appointment with you to come up with the best solutions to work around your budget. 

Currently, our services only available in Klang Valley. We working on expanding our services to the rest of Malaysia in the near future. Stay tuned!

Landlord FAQ

Your property, along with photos, will be advertised on our website as well as on various rental marketing directories. We also thoroughly screen applicants thoroughly to find the best quality tenants for you!

Background screening is relatively important. Prospective tenants are always required to fill out a form which including but not limited to employment details, payslips (as proof of income), references from previous landlords etc.

We do understand arguments are sometimes inevitable. The most common issues that arise between tenants are related to noise, hygiene or clashing personalities.Theoretically, prevention can be quite simple. It starts with outlining clear expectations for your tenants in the tenancy agreement.

It is not advisable to do room rental with partly furnished properties. Data has shown a significant increment of the rental rates after fully furnishing the properties. Therefore, to maximize your rental return, we always suggest to fully furnish the properties.

With Space  Creator being your property manager, you don’t need to worry about the hassle of collecting rental every month. We will collect the rental on your behalf and transfer to your bank account within the first 2 weeks of every month.

Tenants FAQ

Normally we will collect:

  • 2 months of Security Deposit
  • 0.5 months of Utility Deposit

Do check with our sales agent with your choice of room to get a clearer quote, contact us now!

Yes, for certain rooms, duplex or couple is allowed. Contact us now to check for availability!

No more worrying about messy or dirty spaces, at Space Creator, all room unit rentals come with a monthly cleaning service, we will arrange a cleaner to clean the common area once or twice a week!

It depends on your choice of the room. Most of the room rental covers all common utilities and wifi. However, air-conditioning charges are usually calculated separately based on the electricity rate set by TNB for that particular premise.

It depends on your choice of room. However, most of our properties are fully furnished which equipped with basic house appliances, just carry your luggage with you and you are good to move in with us!